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Chat spinners as ChatSpin is a social networking tool which enables users to send, receive and share videos and screen grabs in real time. There are various chat tools available but most of them are slow, slow and often send or receive clips that are either of poor quality or contain annoying pop-ups.

How to avoid problems with ChatSpin?

How to avoid problems with ChatSpin?

In order to avoid these problems, all you need to do is download and install your instant messenger client. And then just search for the “Chat ChatSpin” application. Once installed, you will immediately be able to see your friends chatting away at “the hotspot”, as ChatSpin is otherwise referred to.


Videos are transferred from one user to another by way of individual screens, allowing them to chat without any sharing of screens. No walls or other content is used to group or send messages, so no annoying pop-ups or interruptions occur.

What are the features that set ChatSpin apart from its competitors?

What are the features that set ChatSpin apart from its competitors?

There are a few features that set ChatSpin apart from its competitors. For example, it can be used to share and transmit high-definition screens that can’t be easily viewed in regular chat software. If you have a computer with a high-resolution screen, you can take advantage of this feature.


The Chatpin tool also allows users to send GIFs and be able to share videos which are deleted within a few seconds of being uploaded. This feature makes the hatpin application ideal for those who wish to quickly share animated screens.


The other advantages that come with the ChatSpin application are that it is based on instant messaging and not on a standard desktop program. This means that ChatSpin and its screens can be sent across borders and not have to be compressed by screen sharing software like Windows Movie Maker.


And finally, the creators of ChatSpin have incorporated safety features into their software. The moment you select a screen share, you are given a message box that offers you the chance to block out specific people or specific items that you wish to keep on your screen share.


An interesting feature of ChatSpin is that it comes with some “scripts” that are designed to prevent you from installing malicious software onto your computer. In fact, each script is tested and certified to work within the strictest standards.


Each script also comes with a policy that tells you how many screenshare sessions are allowed in a day and what actions should be taken if you exceed this number. This policy has been designed with the goal of keeping you from crashing your computer or accidentally installing a virus.

ChatSpin also?

ChatSpin also

ChatSpin also lets you add your own settings which are located in the Control Panel. This way, you can configure your own privacy settings so that you only allow others to send out the screens that you want to view.


A feature that most people don’t seem to think about, though, is the fact that ChatSpin also supports the option of music in your chats. Although the computer speakers are always turned off during a screenshare session, you can still choose to switch the audio setting to be on.


So, if you want to see people’s screens in real time and share with them video and screen shots, the ChatSpin software is the right choice for you. It does everything that you could ever hope for from a video chat program.

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