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The J.P.C.G.I.J.E.R.M. or J.P.C.C.E.R.M. means “just a friend”just a female friend”. J.P.C.A.M.E.N.S. means “just an acquaintance”just an acquaintance”.

The term “just a workmate cam girl” is used in the same way as the phrase “just a friend”.

The term "just a workmate cam girl" is used in the same way as the phrase "just a friend".

If the men posting on a workmate cam girl’s profile are seeking to find a long-term, long-distance relationship, they may use the terms interchangeably.

If you don’t want to get hooked up with a guy who thinks you’re just a workmate cam girl, do yourself a favor and make sure that your online dating profile reflects this in some way. Do not mention that you’re just a friend to his friends on his profile. He will assume that you are on an alternate channel of communication.

Do’s and don’ts when looking for workmate cam girl


If you’re looking for an exclusive, long-distance relationship, don’t include your workmate cam girl’s name on your profile or anywhere else. If you are going to be that close, let him know that you can’t see him frequently and that you have other men. Otherwise, he’ll be spending his time with her and you with him.

If he’s your boyfriend’s friends, and you don’t want to go there, be very subtle about it. Don’t tell them that you’re just a friend. Don’t say you’re “just a friend” either.

If he is having an affair with other attractive women, don’t talk about it. Don’t try to find out about it by asking about him. Just make it clear that you don’t want to be his friend, and don’t get into that conversation.

A workmate cam girl who becomes popular and doesn’t have a small group of faithful friends should be treated differently than a workmate cam girl who is just friends with him. She should treat him respectfully and with respect, since she is a real friend.

If your workmate cam girl tells you that she is planning to move to another city, explain to her that you are on the same coast and that it would be nice to meet her there. Once she has moved, she should notify you so that you don’t get stuck alone.

Treating a workmate cam girl with respect is essential.

Treating a workmate cam girl with respect is essential.

You shouldn’t be a tease or try to start a conversation with her in the hope that she’ll invite you to her place for dinner or drinks.

Lastly, don’t be embarrassed to be with her alone. A workmate cam girl knows that she has his best interests at heart, so it’s her right to make him her friend. It doesn’t mean that you are obligated to be friends with her.

The more you get used to using the jerkmate cam girl in these ways, the less you’ll feel awkward when you start having dinner and drinks without her there. Just remember that you two are still friends and that you don’t have to be friends with each other in every situation.

After all, you should always be polite and friendly to the jerkmate cam girl when you meet her. You might end up being that jerkmate cam girl’s best friend.

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