The best liquidity loans for those over 65

Cash loans are loans that are not finalized; the applicant must not justify the use made of the loan, nor must he show cost estimates. Few income and personal documents are needed to submit the request. Let’s start with a simulation and assume that a 68 year old has applied for a liquidity loan of 10,000 dollars lasting 60 months. Suppose that the applicant is a pensioner residing in Milan.

The most convenient solutions for those over 65

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In first position, Credit Cream Capital personal loan with a monthly payment of 193.68 dollars (Taeg 6.25% and Tan 4.39%). The loan is intended for those with demonstrable income between the ages of 18 and 70. The customer can always, on his own initiative, repay in advance, in whole or in part, the credit that has been granted to him . Cream Capital does not provide for compensation in the event of early or full refund.

Once the request for funding has been received, Credit Cream Capital will contact the customer by phone and email, providing all the details on the steps necessary to obtain the loan. The amount will be paid by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the applicant, at the latest, within the fifteenth day following the communication of confirmation of the granting of the credit.

The refund is made by direct debit on a fixed-date current account

The refund is made by direct debit on a fixed-date current account

The first installment will be paid no later than the second month following the date on which the customer makes all the sums available (except for deductible payments) and this term will be confirmed to the customer via email. It ranks in second position Personal credit of Agos with a monthly payment of 194.28 dollars (Taeg 6.48% and Tan 5.77%). There are no preliminary costs. The loan is intended for individuals with demonstrable income documentation. If the applicant is married, the signature of the spouse is preferable.

Following the insertion of the request, a pre-evaluation will be made. In the event of a positive outcome, the applicant will have the opportunity to choose whether to go to an Cream Lite Loan branch, where to complete the investigation of the file, or to receive the pre-filled contract at home, sign a copy, attach the documents indicated and send it all to Cream Lite Loan.

The customer will receive the transfer directly to the current account

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The disposition of the transfer is contextual to the definitive communication of a positive outcome and following the receipt of the contract duly signed and complete with the required documentation. Good Lite Financing is also convenient for an over 65 with a monthly payment of 198.01 dollars (Taeg 7.36% and Tan 7.00%). There are no preliminary costs or installment fees. In addition, online and telephone management is provided. The loan is intended for employees with a seniority of at least two years.

The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated to the customer already at the end of the call, and will be confirmed by e-mail from PrestitiOnline.it. The transfer order is provided within 48 hours of receiving the duly signed contract and accompanied by the necessary accessory documents. Good Lite Bank offers a personal loan with a monthly payment of 198.01 dollars (Taeg 7.40% and Tan 7.00%). There are no preliminary costs or installment fees. It is also not necessary to go to the branch. The loan is intended for individuals, residing on Italian territory, with demonstrable income and with an age between 18 and 80 at the end of the contract. All customers must have a bank account.

Basically no warranty is required

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The client, voluntarily, can however decide to propose at the request stage the co-obligation of a second person, preferably with demonstrable income, for example of the spouse in the case of a married client. In any case, at the discretion of Good Lite Bank, a request for a possible co-obligation is possible. The outcome of the assessment will be communicated to the customer by e-mail from PrestitiOnline.it , within a few hours of submitting the request to Santander and in any case no later than two working days. The customer will receive a transfer to his / her current account .

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